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14 May 2011 @ 06:26 pm
My Office!  
So, earlier I posted about having moved my bedroom into the closet, and mentioned that it had added a whole room to my apartment for free. This office is that room. Unfortunately, it's not furnished for free, but all the stuff in it is used, and cheap.

The rug is the result of a month and a half of checking craigslist everyday and not compromising on price, or the style I wanted. The mural with its Sideshow Bob palm tree(tacky? amazing? yes!) is made from all the left over paint from painting other rooms in the apartment. My boyfriend's desk and chair were free outside a county office that was getting new furniture, and now that I think of it, even his computer is refurbished. The dresser and pineapple lamp are from Seattle's amazing Dearborn Goodwill.

Our bikes are Frankensteins built from spare parts from a local bike co-op where a friend was a mechanic. My desk is from a used furniture shop down the street. It's an old vanity.

I got a piece of glass cut to span the gap in the middle of the vanity/desk, but when I got it home I realized that when the cat sat on the glass it bowed a little. Since cat safety is number one in my house, this was not acceptable. I managed to reinforce the structure and get double duty out of it as a small book shelf by filling the knee high shelf with books.

This entryway is the same red that the whole room was painted when we moved in. Yeah, the mural seems less crazy by comparison now, right? I like it for the entryway though, and plan to add other red accents to the room to bring out the rug.

I really love giving each room a bright color and feel. It may be too much for some people's tastes, but I love to look through the doorways and see all the colors.

I found these chairs waiting by a dumpster for their doom and carried them home on the back of my bike. Once I put new seats on them they'll replace the mismatched and ill-fitting ones. I'm thinking of painting them white to avoid refinishing them, and putting red seats on them, but I have a strong phobia of the room accidentally turning into a patriotic red white and blue theme without my consent, so I may refinish the wood after all.
in_excelsis_deain_excelsis_dea on May 15th, 2011 11:15 am (UTC)
I ADORE your desk, OMG. Love, love love it. Good idea with the glass. Cool chairs too, and I really like the entire apartment. (And it doesn't look too patriotic to me, red and blue are really great colors, and I like the way the rug ties them together.)

I see colors like you hear jetplanescrocodiletears on May 16th, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)